Hendrix at Home

Discovering Hendrix at Handel & Hendrix in London

Post 102: Jimi’s Chair

Guest post, occasioned by a transfer of accumulated items sourced for the re-creation of Jimi’s bedroom into store at the Museum. Its been a long and very detailed road, taking … Continue reading

30 July 2015 · Leave a comment

Post 37: Hendrix in the Mendips

With regard to my apparently non-related Hendrix travels, on Sunday I visited family in the City of Wells in Somerset, pretty certain that Hendrix would not in any way feature … Continue reading

29 May 2014 · 1 Comment

Post 30: In the beginning

I have been wading through historic organisational documents trying to find out more about the Handel House Trust and establish why they didn’t introduce Jimi Hendrix into the story of … Continue reading

28 April 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 18: Piecing the story together

Enthusiasm level: Distracted Progress: Further fascination Quote: “That is where I write some of my best songs, in bed, just laying there.” I have mentioned previously all the brilliant people … Continue reading

17 March 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 10: Experience Music Project

Enthusiasm level: Getting pretty serious Progress: Amazing Quote: “Great hangin’ out with you” Last October I took a trip to Seattle, birthplace of Jimi Hendrix. I went to visit the … Continue reading

17 February 2014 · 4 Comments

Post 6: Design meetings get longer…

Enthusiasm level: Busy. Progress: One step forward two steps back. Quote: “So we can we keep the wood chip?” So today was an epic four hour meeting for the design … Continue reading

3 February 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 4: Hip Hendrix

Enthusiasm: Wow! Progress: Onward. Quote: “It is about the buy in.” Today I felt trendy – which is an unusual feeling for a director of an 18th century Mayfair museum … Continue reading

27 January 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 1: The Start

Enthusiasm level: high. Progress: Two confident strides forward. Quote: “Set up the time lapse cameras.” So after two years of pre-amble and developing a project to allow the flat that Jimi … Continue reading

16 January 2014 · 1 Comment

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Discovering Hendrix at Handel & Hendrix in London