Hendrix at Home

Discovering Hendrix at Handel & Hendrix in London

Post 113: Spot the Difference

So, late last year, before the Christmas break, the scaffolding finally came down. Our view from the window was finally clear and we couldn’t believe how much light we had … Continue reading

18 January 2016 · 1 Comment

Post 111: Mentoring Handel & Hendrix

Time has flown and as we near the end of the year, so too is the building phase of our capital project. Tim Caulton, our Heritage Lottery Fund mentor talks about … Continue reading

18 December 2015 · Leave a comment

Post 102: Jimi’s Chair

Guest post, occasioned by a transfer of accumulated items sourced for the re-creation of Jimi’s bedroom into store at the Museum. Its been a long and very detailed road, taking … Continue reading

30 July 2015 · Leave a comment

Post 71: Only on Brook Street

We are beginning to think about what kind of looped audio installation we might include in the flat and specifically how acoustic guitar might sound in a pretty compact space … Continue reading

10 December 2014 · 1 Comment

Post 53: The Vancouver shrine

Christian Lloyd, one of the writers working on our Hendrix companion guide reports on a recent trip to Canada which inevitably included a link with Hendrix… Today, I had time … Continue reading

14 August 2014 · 1 Comment

Post 52: On the move

As you may have noticed, the project is gaining momentum here at Handel House and yesterday we relocated our offices from the Hendrix Flat to the room below. This is … Continue reading

12 August 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 18: Piecing the story together

Enthusiasm level: Distracted Progress: Further fascination Quote: “That is where I write some of my best songs, in bed, just laying there.” I have mentioned previously all the brilliant people … Continue reading

17 March 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 13: More new words

Enthusiasm level: Slight stomach knot Progress: Talking about the finishes Quote: “Marmoleum – it is a kind of posh lino” Once again I seem to be discussing the finished product … Continue reading

27 February 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 12: A shopping list

Enthusiasm level: High Progress: Becoming a reality Quote: “My Granny has got one of those” Amazingly discussions have already begun about what we will need for the flat itself even … Continue reading

24 February 2014 · 2 Comments

Post 6: Design meetings get longer…

Enthusiasm level: Busy. Progress: One step forward two steps back. Quote: “So we can we keep the wood chip?” So today was an epic four hour meeting for the design … Continue reading

3 February 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 5: The publicity machine turns

Enthusiasm level: In the groove. Progress: Steady. Quote: “The Handel House Museum is one of the most precious and evocative places in London.” Just in case you missed it in … Continue reading

30 January 2014 · Leave a comment

Post 1: The Start

Enthusiasm level: high. Progress: Two confident strides forward. Quote: “Set up the time lapse cameras.” So after two years of pre-amble and developing a project to allow the flat that Jimi … Continue reading

16 January 2014 · 1 Comment

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Discovering Hendrix at Handel & Hendrix in London