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Post 101: Kitting out the new learning spaces

Whilst the builders’ continue gallantly with all the physical work on our fantastic pair of houses, my mind has been full of ideas of what exactly to put in our brand new Learning Studio.

After years of wonky ‘travel’ projector screens, carrying chairs up and down stairs and plugging laptops and speakers into plug sockets dubiously hidden under 18th century floorboards, what an exciting prospect to kit out a purpose built learning and events studio.

Me looking at the electrical fittings

Me looking at the electrical fittings

Going into the empty space now is like looking at this exciting blank canvas and my mind can’t help but race away with ideas and possibilities. Everything from the placement of each plug socket to the view from the windows is extremely encapsulating.

My first port of call has been an interactive smart board, a phenomenon and learning aid that all educators dream of. No longer will I have to pass out laminated print outs of portraits and music scores, the novelty is overwhelming! I’ve chosen a beautifully slick looking screen without a projector that connects to a computer, like a very large computer screen. It will be an amazing resource for both learning sessions and lecture recitals.

Checking out the space where the new screen will sit

Checking out the space where the new screen will sit

Here is where it will live, centre stage with a harpsichord and a lectern near by for good measure. Take note of the impressive air conditioning unit above, another novelty to enjoy next summer –comfortable temperatures!

All of the museums and music education related exhibitions and talks I’ve been to recently are putting a lot of emphasis on interactive learning games, an avenue I’m keen to explore. But to rein me in and get me focussed on what will work for us from the get go, I decided to attend the Whiteboard Learning Resources workshop at the Museum of London. This was a great insight into best practise with interactive screens and gave us the opportunity to play around with tools and software. I felt thoroughly satisfied by the end that I could create some really fun learning programmes around this incredible piece of technology; thanks Museum of London!

Contemplating the new use for this space

Contemplating the new use for this space

Along with a list of other key ingredients for the Learning Studio to stab away at, I must also consider the transformation of the old shop into a new activity room. The space seems vast without any furniture and I can‘t wait to get it filled with fun activities for families and schools!

Look out for all of our fun new learning programmes and concerts that will take place in these spaces; we’ve got some cracking ideas up our sleeves!

Enthusiasm: like a child waiting for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve!
Progress: there are shiny beams of light at the end of the tunnel
Quote: ‘who’s stolen the tape measure?!’


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