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Post 98: Some advice please

What to do with this?

What to do with this?

As well as the temperature ratcheting up this week so is the excitement. A new Handel exhibition opens on Wednesday all about Handel’s local neighbours and friends (can’t wait to do the Hendrix equivalent). Another section of the Hendrix 23 Brook Street guidebook has arrived. Some purpose made cast iron drainage has been installed just needs painting black now. My new office has a wall which feels really quite decadent. After almost a year of hot-desking, and annoying all my colleagues when they return from holidays or days off, the thought of having my own desk and my own office seems ludicrous.

But I suspect the biggest highlight for you dear reader is this. Due to access issues we have had to take out half of the staircase within Jimi’s flat. This was the staircase that went up to the bathroom and kitchen, despite the fact that he and Kathy used the main room as the living room and bedroom there was an upper floor and so he would have regularly trod these stairs. We have all the relevant permissions in place to remove it but somehow when the builders pulled it out I couldn’t bring myself to let them put it in the skip. But it is now taking up a lot of storage space (that we need to turn into exhibition space). So what to do? The options are to cut it up into small pieces and sell them in the gift shop, sell the whole thing on ebay, give it to an artist to make an amazing installation or back to plan a and throw it away. What do you think? Sell it in pieces, sell it whole, art it, tip it?

Enthusiasm: Warming up
Progress: Temporary propping
Quote: “It really is the most beautiful brickwork at the top of the lift shaft and no-one will ever see it.”





About Sarah Bardwell

Handel & Hendrix in London Trustee and leading the team that is reinstating, in the adjoining building, Jimi Hendrix's London flat to open to the public. Quirky twist of chance meant that baroque legend Handel lived at 25 Brook Street in the 18th century and that rock legend Hendrix lived next door in the 1960s.

8 comments on “Post 98: Some advice please

  1. Anny Squire
    30 June 2015

    Dreamland Margate have made pieces of the 1920 scenic railway into key ring tags for one idea

  2. robertpadam
    30 June 2015

    It’s a shame it had to be takn out – not sure I fully understand why.
    As to what to do with it now… unless you’re desperate for the cash I like the idea of getting an artist to use it to fashion something appropriately Hendrix – an Angel perhaps – or a Little Wing. I presume you couldn’t make a guitar or two out of it or something musical?

    • Sarah Bardwell
      1 July 2015

      Unfortunately if we didn’t take half of the staircase out there was no way of getting visitors up to the flat. The staircase in 23 Brook Street is not structurally sound enough to accommodate regular or excessive use so we had to find alternative routes to allow visitors access to the flat. Not ideal I know but we looked at everything and there was no other option (other than to not open it). I think I am leaning towards some artistic. A guitar or two is a good idea but not sure the wood will be good enough and a rubbish sounding guitar probably really wouldn’t be appropriate.

  3. Piers Carlisle | Haines Phillips Architects
    30 June 2015


    Not sure about this but is there any mileage in someone making electric guitars from the wood? Might appeal to some fans – upcycling and all that? Feel free to discard that idea – but I think the idea of a person being able to own a bit of the Jimi Hendrix ‘experience’ – like the Margate key tags – is a good one.

    Hope you are well. Look forward to seeing the museum on the office visit at the end of July.


    Piers Carlisle HAINES PHILLIPS ARCHITECTS Tankerton Works 12 Argyle Walk London WC1H 8HA

    t 020 7833 9324 f 020 7837 2864 i http://www.hainesphillips.co.uk

    From: Hendrix at Home <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: Hendrix at Home <comment+c6tj1fn-guwze4f_9-obta@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2015 13:12 To: Piers Carlisle <piers.carlisle@hainesphillips.co.uk> Subject: [New post] Post 98: Some advice please

    Sarah Bardwell posted: ” As well as the temperature ratcheting up this week so is the excitement. A new Handel exhibition opens on Wednesday all about Handel’s local neighbours and friends (can’t wait to do the Hendrix equivalent). Another section of the Hendrix 23 Brook Stre”

  4. nitrogenfootprint
    30 June 2015

    I’ll have a bit please for a donation or help

  5. Jennie Dorn
    30 June 2015

    Hi Sarah, I like the idea of giving the staircase pieces to an artist to use to create a sculpture in honor of Hendrix. Maybe there could be a contest where artists submit ideas for such a sculpture and the best/most interesting one wins. Can’t wait to be back in London and to see for myself what you have been describing so beautifully and in such detail in your blog.

  6. Elizabeth Powell
    1 July 2015

    How about turning it into a decorative piece? The late Rosalie Gascoigne an Australian artist made some amazing things from found objects, including old road signs and timber. I’m sure someone could turn those old steps into something amazing.

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