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Post 89: Ode to Simon

Simon, our brilliant site manager who is also very camera shy!

Simon, our brilliant site manager who is also very camera shy!

A wise person told me sometime ago that the key to a successful project, particularly when it is a listed building staying open to the public, was a brilliant site manager. Luckily so far I am able to follow this advice to the letter. Simon is awesome! I remember taking the comment to heart and at the tender process insisting on meeting the actual site manger who would be on the project. Some companies were not able to bring them to the interview, some were not willing and Simon was on holiday during the interview process so we decided to arrange another meeting with him. I think this was generally thought to be a bit strange but I insisted and it is great we did as he certainly helped win the pitch.

Simon is all over the project like a rash, he knows every detail, plan and schedule. He frequently pitches in, leading the charge from the front as well as knowing how to talk considerately to all the various neighbours, sub contractors, project team and of course the client. Whilst strict when necessary Simon’s diplomacy and fairness is perfectly judged. The site is always clean and tidy and his efforts with dust are heroic. He seems always able to judge the mood, this was especially evident when he mentioned in passing to me the other week that the builders were planning on using a particular door to enter and leave the musuem. I didn’t think this was very practical but managed not to say anything and was planning to try and think of an alternative before refusing point blank. However the next very day Simon had re-planned and re-arranged the route brilliantly enabling them to maintain their current access and egress. I thanked him profusely but mentioned that I hadn’t even objected to the suggested route yet but SImon laughed as he said that I didn’t need to as he could see my opinion on my face. Now being two steps ahead when I hadn’t even spoken is pretty impressive I would say. Although note to self – assume poker wouldn’t be my game!

Enthusiasm: Extreme
Progress: Epic
Quote: “so what are you planning to put in the lean-to?”


About Sarah Bardwell

Handel & Hendrix in London Trustee and leading the team that is reinstating, in the adjoining building, Jimi Hendrix's London flat to open to the public. Quirky twist of chance meant that baroque legend Handel lived at 25 Brook Street in the 18th century and that rock legend Hendrix lived next door in the 1960s.

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