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Post 73: Silver linings

Toasting the season at Handel House in the Hendrix flat

Toasting the season at Handel House in the Hendrix flat

Despite the fact the museum has no air-conditioning at all, our various roofs house a number of air conditioning units for the adjoining shops. Clearly we are aiming for a much more authentic feel for historic house visitors – really hot or really cold. So this week we have had a selection of extremely helpful air conditioning contractors on site. Some even did a little work and relocated a couple of units in readiness for the building extension. Nonetheless I am trying not to get too excited about the sight of a builder or two as I simply can’t bear the thought of tempting fate so I won’t even share with you, extremely patient reader, the date that work is actually meant to properly start….

Having set off at break neck speed back in August we promptly hit a wall in September and things have been tough going ever since. You may remember post 52 when we busily moved out of our offices (the Jimi Hendrix bedroom and spare room) and squeezed 6 desks (and 8 members of staff) into a room which is 16ft x 15ft – I kid you not. Originally we thought it would be in the temporary space for a maximum of 6 months but it now looks like our cosy quarters will be home for somewhat longer. However it has meant that since September we have had a very notable meeting/lunch room available to use and this week it was venue for our office Christmas pot-luck party. I promise we have not delayed the project just so we could all say that we had our Christmas party in Jimi’s bedroom nonetheless we are all rather enjoying dining out on that story!

Enthusiasm level: Wary
Progress: Maybe some
Quote: “What happened to the frog whose car broke down?”


About Sarah Bardwell

Handel & Hendrix in London Trustee and leading the team that is reinstating, in the adjoining building, Jimi Hendrix's London flat to open to the public. Quirky twist of chance meant that baroque legend Handel lived at 25 Brook Street in the 18th century and that rock legend Hendrix lived next door in the 1960s.

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Discovering Hendrix at Handel & Hendrix in London

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