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Post 59: Hendrix inspiration

Gaze longingly at a wall of guitars when buying a pair of trousers

Gaze longingly at a wall of guitars when buying a pair of trousers

Stage, amps and drumkit all ready for a mid-shop rock.

Stage, amps and drumkit all ready for a mid-shop rock.

Listen, read and chill

Listen, read and chill

Cool jacket

Cool jacket

Apparently a trip to the far reaches of Sweden is completely unnecessary if you want to see a lot of Stratocasters! Indeed I should have taken a stay-cation and walked round the corner from Handel House to Conduit Street as I did today, for there in the exceptionally fashionable surroundings a number of said guitars hang. It seems the hottest menswear shop in London has just opened right here in Mayfair and of course Jimi is at the centre of it. http://www.johnvarvatos.com/

It has a clothing collection inspired by Jimi Hendrix, the walls are bursting with iconic images of rock musicians, vinyl records are stored in racks, luxurious coffee table image books of rock stars are available to flick through and the trendiest shop assistants greet you. Clearly I was completely out of place in such an awesomely hip shop and upping my sartorial game is definitely required before the flat opens!

The designer, I understand, has worked closely with Fender, who have provided specially made replica guitars, and the Rock Paper Photo gallery who have curated and hung their works brilliantly. It is a total shopping Experience although I confess I didn’t buy anything.

Other news that I have recently been told about is a Hendrix Commemoration weekend on 13/14 September. There is an opportunity to take a Hendrix tour and attend an evening show with by a Hendrix tribute band. It looks fun and is all undertaken to raise funds for their chosen charity, Action for Brazil’s Children (The ABC Trust), a foundation dedicated to helping get street children off the streets.


Enthusiasm: Getting seriously excited
Progress: Good
Quote: “Black is definitely the new black”


About Sarah Bardwell

Handel & Hendrix in London Trustee and leading the team that is reinstating, in the adjoining building, Jimi Hendrix's London flat to open to the public. Quirky twist of chance meant that baroque legend Handel lived at 25 Brook Street in the 18th century and that rock legend Hendrix lived next door in the 1960s.

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Discovering Hendrix at Handel & Hendrix in London

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