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Post 49: New and old

Did Jimi swim in this pool?

Did Jimi swim in this pool?

My in box is overloaded with a variety of references to Jimi Hendrix at the moment and it is hard to select which is most interesting to share. But I think this one wins the prize for novelty value. One of my colleagues went to stay with friends at the weekend who live in a house where Hendrix’s drummer, Mitch Mitchell, used to live.  Apparently when Mitchell lived there the pool in the garden was built complete with this amazing and supposedly drug related dragon mosaic. Now that is not a story you hear every day.

On stories that you do hear every day, the Daily Mail featured an article yesterday about Hendrix. It was hung (somewhat loosely) on the new film and featured some pictures of Hendrix in the Brook Street flat. They are normally black and white photos but they seem to have been touched up in colour – I think they look a bit strange but perhaps it adds something?


Enthusiasm level: momentum building
Progress: finding Hendrix everywhere
Quote: “Don’t use the one of my husband by the pool in his swimming trunks!”


About Sarah Bardwell

Handel & Hendrix in London Trustee and leading the team that is reinstating, in the adjoining building, Jimi Hendrix's London flat to open to the public. Quirky twist of chance meant that baroque legend Handel lived at 25 Brook Street in the 18th century and that rock legend Hendrix lived next door in the 1960s.

One comment on “Post 49: New and old

  1. Robert Padam
    29 July 2014

    That film looks like a pile of shite – how appropriate for the Daily Mail. That paper has always had a bizarre fascination with Hendrix. I can only assume it was because he represented their readers’ worst nightmare.

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Discovering Hendrix at Handel & Hendrix in London

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